Thursday, 9 August 2012

Average Speed Cameras on A23

While the upgrade to the A23 is on-going, please be aware that Average speed cameras are in place between Handcross and Warninglid to enforce the 40mph speed limit, the first time such cameras have been used in Sussex. The cameras, which are installed and operated by Sussex Safer Roads Partnership (SSRP), will help to keep the road operating safely while narrow lanes and a changing road layout are in place throughout the two year project.
It is felt that Average speed cameras offer a much more effective method of managing safe speeds along a section of road than could be achieved with either mobile or fixed speed camera enforcement. Initial indications from the A23 Average Speed Camera system show that the vast majority of motorists are complying with the 40mph speed limit, which is good news.
Average Speed Cameras use Automatic Number Plate Recognition software to record a vehicle’s details as they enter and exit the protect zone.  The time taken to travel through the zone can then be used to calculate the average speed for the vehicle. Processing of any offences detected by the system will take place in exactly the same way as for other types of enforcement, with Speed Awareness Courses offered where appropriate.
The system – known as SPECS3 and developed by a company called Vysionics – has been being tested and calibrated since installation at the end of June. Although no offences have been processed while the installation period has taken place, the system has been registering when vehicles exceed the 40mph speed limit.

Monday, 6 August 2012

TABLE TOP SALE ON Friday 10th August

Following the success of Ella abd  Liberty Murray and Kate Smith who held a  recent table ,top sale in Lewes raising an amazing £13, more Bolney children want to hold a Table top Sale at The Magpies, The Street, Bolney (Angies house next to the Park) on Friday 10th August at 10-30 am - noon . All proceeds will go to the school in Haiti.
Lots of Dvd's (kids and grown ups) Computer Games and Toys all at pocket money prices!